Seniorforum – English

The 29th Seniorforum (2023)

Traditional international competition screening of non-professional non-commercial films by amateur filmmakers over the age of 58 years.

Basic information:
The event will take place 29 September – 1 October 2023 – that is, Seniors Day (1 October).
Submission Deadline: 10 September 2023
Publication/posting of the film screening blocks and detailed program: 18 September 2022
Venue: Senior Point, Okružní 21, 638 00 Brno – Lesná, Czech Republic – Brno-sever Community Centre

Mission of the competition:
Seniorforum is a competition that is open to amateur filmmakers over 58 years of age. The main goal is to support the creative activities of senior filmmakers and popularize their work among viewers.

Participation conditions:
Czech and foreign non-professional filmmakers who reach the age of 58 before 1 October 2023 may participate in the competition with their films, as long as their works are created on a non-commercial basis and meet the specified technical conditions. Each participant may submit a maximum of two works. The film must not be older than 3 years.
The selection committee ensures that the submitted works meet the stated conditions and then places the films into a collection for the competition screening.

In the 23rd year of the event, a category for films under 3 minutes was introduced.
The competition accepts films sent primarily electronically via “” to the address, or physically to the address:

Klub historie amatérského filmu, z.s.
Krajní 16
635 00 Brno

Technical conditions:
The image of the film must be created in the European standard (25p, 50i); minimum resolution SD (720×576), maximum FullHD (1920×1080); mono or stereo sound. The formats mpg2, mp4, mov are accepted electronically. Films are received physically on DVD or BD, either as DVD-video (BD-video), or data format on a medium (mpg2, mp4, mov). Without adhering to these norms, correct screening cannot be assured.

The medium must include opening credits (at least the film title, which need not be right at the start) and closing credits, as well as the necessary identification data (at least the film title and name of the filmmaker). There should not be any other recording on the medium other than the competition film(s).

The duration of the film must not exceed 20 minutes; the selection committee may grant exceptions. Films in original languages other than Czech, Slovak or English must contain subtitles in one of these three languages. A comment sheet in electronic form is welcome.

The applicant is responsible for complying with copyright and other laws. The contest organizer reserves the right to reject any materials that do not correspond to the specifications or are otherwise inappropriate/defective. Organizers do not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of the package during shipment.

Brno-sever Community Centre: Family and Senior Point Lesná, Okružní 21 (near Halasovo náměstí bus-stop), Brno, Czech Republic

Submission form can be down-loaded here:

or write an e-mail including: name of the filmmaker(s), or name of the applicant if the film is submitted with the knowledge of the author(s) by another person, e.g. the producer; address for possible sending of the diploma or medium of the film (optional), e-mail address; the title and length of the film; there may also be a technical note about the image and sound (e.g. unusual format).
We would appreciate it if you could provide the age of the author(s) as of 1 October 2022, with their consent to its publication.

We will be happy if you send us photos from the filming of the film – preferably electronically.

The competition films and submission forms must be received by the event organizers by 10 September 2023.

The notification to the applicants about their film’s acceptance (or non-acceptance) for competition will be sent by the selection committee electronically by 18 September 2023.

The 28th year of the Senior Forum will start on Friday, 29 September 2023 at 2:00 p.m.

The detailed screening program will be published/posted by 18 September 2023.

Financial support:
There is no participation fee this year. Filmmakers are welcome to the screening and will be reimbursed for the amount of the accommodation below. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an allowance for transport.

Double rooms will be provided in the Mendel University student residence at 7 General Píka Street (about 800 m from the screening venue). The organizers will pay for 2 nights for 1 filmmaker per participating film.

Evaluation of competition work:
Each submitted film must go through a pre-selection. The selection committee will program the films into competition screening blocks according to thematic focus, artistic level and technical requirements.

During the competition screening, the films are evaluated by an expert jury appointed by the organizer and awarded the following prizes.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place of the main competition (of all competition films)
1st, 2nd and 3rd place of films up to 3 minutes long

In addition to the prize, those filmmakers who participate in person will be able to choose material prizes from a “buffet table” of gifts donated by the organizers, partners and sponsors. To those not attending, diplomas and medals will be sent by post. The sending of material prizes (depending on their physical nature) is at the discretion of the organizers.

Please note:
The organizer reserves the right to make copies of films for archival and non-commercial purposes to promote the competition. During the event, photographic or audiovisual documentation will be made for promotional and archival purposes. In agreeing to attend the event, the participant expresses their consent to the capturing and posting/publishing of their images.

Main organizer:
Send all correspondence and applications to:
Klub historie amatérského filmu, z.s. (Amateur Film History Club)
Krajní 16, č.p. 87
635 00 Brno
Czech Republic
tel. answering machine (IQ media): +420 546 211 724

The event is held under the auspices of the Mayor of Brno JUDr. Markéta Vaňková

This event is being held with the financial support

of the Ministry of Culture,

and the Brno-sever City District.

Partners and co-organizers:

Kulturní středisko Omega, příspěvková organizace – Family a Senior Point Lesná

IQ media, s.r.o
Český svaz pro film a video, z.s. Kroměříž